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We are Joomla template creation and Joomla conversion experts. We can take anything--an existing site, Photoshop PSD, or just an idea--and convert it into a Joomla template. All coding is done with tableless and valid XHTML/CSS. We will even setup the pages for you or copy existing content if you wish. Integrate anything into the Joomla content management system! The site will look exactly the same, but now you can edit content, add pages, and the hundreds of other things that content management systems allow you to do.

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We have worked with toJoomla for sometime, they are quick and reliable technology partners, supplying us with a great turnaround service constructing our designs into immaculately streamlined and compatible templates for our content management system. We have yet to reach the limit of their technical expertise and their input into our business has enabled us to expand our business effortlessly.

Elly Gray

toJoomla has been a valuable resource in developing our website. Brian's expertise in Joomla and friendly service have benefitted us greatly. I highly recommend his service.

Mike Kuechenmeister Webmaster of was EXCELLENT! They converted our site quickly and without any loss in format or functionality. Except for the "tell tale" login in the lower left hand corner, you wouldn't even know it was a Joomla site. Now everyone can update their content in real time directly on the website without the need for any software or training. Switching to Joomla was one of the best decisions we made and using Brian Zimmer and to do it paid off tremendously! Thank you Brian!

Sincerely, Christopher Ameel Festival Chairman Immaculate Conception Family Fun & Perch Festival Ira Twp., MI

Brian was so helpful in getting a joomla template made for me in a short period of time. I was so happy with the template. it worked perfectly and he even made some small changes with out question. I would definitely hire him again for template work


We were very impressed with Brian's quick responses to all correspondence and with his skillful work. The conversion of a static site to a Joomla site went flawlessly and was completed well within the promised timeline, which was quite aggressive to begin with. Our client was very pleased with the Joomla site, and is looking forward to using a CMS to manage more of their own content. Brian was very easy to work with and is very professional in all the work he does.

Joel -

Quick, clean, and flawless coding is only half of what Brian's work represents. Brian is also extremely knowledgable about the entire Joomla system, and keeps up to date on modules, and components that would best fit your needs. The key to why we continue to use him is his continuous support, and patience after a project is completed. Thank you Brian for your work.

Jeremy Choi

Brian was excellent to work with. He took on a very difficult conversion with a very fussy client that was needed an exact replication of their complex website. He was quick to follow up, and careful to pay attention to all aspects of their design. He solved a lot of problems along the way that we wouldn't have been able to tackle without his help. I would highly recommend him to someone who wants a Joomla powered website.

Jon McGowan -

Brian saved me a lot of work by converting a psd into a perfect joomla template. During the whole process we had despite the major time-zone difference, a lot of friendly email contact and in the end we developed a perfect and smooth running website. Brian is now my number 1 contact for joomla templates/design. Thanks again.

Bas -
Project: RVS-Networks

We were really impressed with Brian's responsiveness and skill at integrating the design. He easily met a very tight deadline and the final product was perfect. Thanks a lot and we look forward to working with you in the future.

Antony Stening, Momentum Studios NZ -
Project: webfarm

As a non technical minded person I decided to use Brian to place my theme together for me for the exponent cms system and I am absolutely delighted with the end result and with the service offered.

The theme was delivered within two weeks and any minor changes were always done within the day. Living in the UK I had no problems communicating via email, and If I was to use the system again for another client I wouldn't hesitate to use Brian again as his expertise is invaluable to any person or small company who may lack the ability to programme.

Tim Basden -

Brian converted our existing static web site into a site managed by Joomla. The conversion was a success. As soon as I understood Brian's time restrictions the communication worked very well even despite the significant time difference. Brian was responsive to my questions, managed expectations and demonstrated knowledge with Joomla to solve some of the challenges along the way. It was good value for money and I will continue to use Brian for further work.

Thomas Behrens - Alpheus Solutions

I'm very satisfied with the delivered service: Fast, reliable and very professional. Zimmertech will be our first choice partner for future webprojects.

Nico De Wilde - Openix CV

I decided to outsource a PSD template conversion when a client approached me with an extremely tight deadline. Brian was able to deliver a professional template within the required time frame, while making sure that we were satisfied with the conversion.

Mark -

After completing my clients website ( I was told that the needed updates done almost every week. First thing that came to my mind was a CMS, but having little experience with any CMS, I tried about 3 different ones before I found Joomla, it seemed simple enough, but it would have took me past my deadline to get everything to look right.

Brian sent me a message from the Joomla message board advertising him self, and less then a week later it was finished and looked just like my design. Brian is quick with responding to emails, and questions, one of the best people that I have worked with. I would recommend to anybody who needs a hand changing to a different CMS, or for first time CMS users.

Michael Sheppard

"Our customer came to us with numerous updates they wanted for their site, plus they wanted to update their content on a weekly/daily basis. Converting them to a content management system (CMS) was the only viable solution. The problem was they loved the current design of their site and did not want it to change. Luckily we found, and were astounded by the low cost of converting.

After the conversion our site looked just as the customer wanted maybe even better than before. The new CMS really helped remove some of the design inconsistencies from the original site. Brian has been a pleasure to work with, I highly recommend converting to a CMS using, it has saved us time and expense."

Justyn Stevenson
Projects:, On Target Resources, Jennie Stuart Medical Center

"Brian took the content from our proprietary, difficult to manage CMS and converted it quickly and cleanly over to Joomla. It is now significantly easier manage our existing pages and newsfeeds, add content, and update the site navigation. In addition, we are no longer locked in to a single host -- we can select any web service provider we prefer, and easily migrate our website to the new host.

Throughout the process, Brian has been quick to respond, very knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. We will definitely continue make use of his skills whenever possible."

Jon Peck


"Before our organization switched to a content management system (CMS), the time it took to change our web site was absolutely unacceptable. The development office would discuss a change to the website with our web designer. The web designer would contact the specific department for the relevant content. The head of that department would assign the request to an employee who would gather and write up the content. The employee would then turn it in to the department head who would in turn forward it to the development office. The development office would then edit and proof the text, and then send the text along to the graphics designer (asking for pictures to go along with the content). The graphics designer would then contact the head of the department (again) and ask for photos to go along with the content. I'm sure that you can see where all this was going....

Today the development office contacts the departments for content and photos and THEY can make the content changes to the website as well as upload the photos. The entire workflow has been streamlined into a much simpler solution. An added benefit is a cohesive "look and feel" throughout the entire website.

I would highly recommend a CMS solution to anyone with an organization that requires a web presence."

Chris Hamaday

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